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At Acupuncture Healthcare, we believe in prevention and early diagnosis and treatment. We believe in listening to our patients and fully understanding their concerns. We believe in strong healthy and natural ways of healing. And last but not least, we are honored that you have entrusted us with the care of you and your family and we will strive to support your every needs.



Ron Lord, L.A.C.


Ron Lord has a strong background in both Acupuncture and herbal medicine, Ron utilizes a powerful integrative approach to delivering effective treatments which improve his patients' health and vitality. His work focuses on allergies and other immune deficiencies, internal ailments such as digestion issues, and female reproduction and fertility. He is happy to say that he has made over s hundred women pregnant. Ron also sees plenty of patients with orthopedic and athletics-related injuries.



    * Liaoning University
    * Doctorate Accupuncture & Oriental Medicine
    * University of Califonia Irvine
    * South Baylo University
    * Health Education Academy
    * Samara University
    * Pacific College of Oriental Medicine





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