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Herbal Therapy in the course of treatment, Chinese herbal may be prescribed. Most herb formulas can treat a wide variety of symptoms while stimulating the body’s natural healing process.  At Acupuncture healthcare, our acupuncturist are licensed health care professionals who are trained and tested in prescribing herbal medicine.   

About Premier Research Labs Herbs:
“Nutrition that really works”
“The quantum-state nutrition technology”

Premier Research Labs is the top 2 ½ % of nutritional products that are both non-toxic and effective.

Dr. Robert Marshall, Bio Chemist, Founder and C.E.O of Premier Research Labs, applies the highest standards through clinical trials in selecting only the right species of grade 10 herbs, (10 indication best), harvested at the peak of potency.

All products are processed with no tag along chemicals, and use the safest, 100% solvent and preservative free vegetable capsules in order to embed only nutrients from “once living” sources of quantum quality.

The most synergistic and beneficial nutrient blends are used to accomplish the nutritional bioavailability task, and transport to the targeted tissues.

Information based on 2004 Premier Research Labs Article



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